The Reason Why Shaolin Kung Fu Will Never Be a Submarine!

By Al Case

To understand why Shaolin Kung Fu can never hope to be a submarine you must understand what a submarine is. A submarine is an underwater boat designed to travel through a specific liquid substance. Because of this limiting environment all submarines have to be the same shape.

This is because of the physics of the matter. The submarine is designed in a conical shape because that is the best shape for traveling at speed through liquids like water. Any other shape would cause the submarine to be harder to handle or travel inefficiently.

If the sub travels at a lesser rate of speed, it can be destroyed by faster moving enemy subs. If it has a different design it cannot maneuver quickly enough to defend itself against more maneuverable enemy subs. This subject of submarine design is all related to the matter of combat and combat functions.

Shaolin Kung Fu is taught by patterns, and the patterns are designed to travel through a different substance. The Shaolin forms are designed to travel through air, and with an eye to the effects of gravity. But such considerations do not limit the Shaolin master, but rather unlimit him.

The patterns of Temple Kung Fu, you see, are designed around the construction of the body, and the body can react to air and gravity in many different ways. The body of the Shaolin Master is trained to move in ways other than a human body. The body of the Shaolin Master can imitate the movements and behavior of a Mantis, or a dragon, or any other animal.

Thus, the limit of the environment is changed by the body that is traveling through it. And the body traveling through it is changed by the considerations of the being operating the body. And, the person operating the body can change how he uses it on a whim.

A submarine can never change, and if you built a submarine in a different shape, the submarine would not work. But Shaolin monks are built to assume a variety of shapes. The key is the mind.

The ability to change shape, to shift the way one moves, is possible through enhanced intelligence. To learn how to use the body in a variety of ways enhances the intelligence. It may have taken great intelligence to make a submarine, but a submarine can't do Shaolin kung fu, and will never be a Shaolin Master. - 31497

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UFC Veteran Kimo Leopoldo Alive Despite Media Reports Of Death

By Ross Everett

Retired MMA fighter Kimo Leopoldo is very much alive and well after mainstream media reports of his death. The New York Daily News was first to report the story that Kimo had died of a heart attack, and it quickly spread to other mainstream media outlets.

A few hours later, the story began to unravel. First, Kimo's agent indicated that he had spoken to him at 11 PM Monday night and that he was alive and well. He did add that he hadnt spoken to him since, but that he had not received word from anyone close to Kimo of a problem nor had he been contacted by any authorities. Shortly after 2:00 PM Tuesday, Kimos attorney reported that the fighter had been located and was alive and well. Theres still a question of how the report that he was dead made it out in the first place, but the New York Daily News isnt providing much of an explanation--theyve simply deleted the report without comment and will presumably pretend it never happened.

The false death rumors are the latest twist to the utterly bizarre life of Kimo Leopoldo. A native of Munich, Germany, Kimo--he claimed later in his life that he had legally changed his name to simply 'Kimo'--was the UFCs first over the top personality back when the promotions events were still in the single digits. He was also one of the sports first freestyle fighters in an era when most competitors were specialists in one martial arts discipline.

Kimo compiled a solid record in the sports early years. By the end of 1997, he had compiled a 6-2-1 record with his only losses coming to Gracie and another UFC Hall of Famer, Ken Shamrock. He also earned a draw against a third UFC Hall of Famer, wrestling specialist Dan Severn. His career would tread water from that point, however, as a result of increasingly better fighters entering the sport and the collateral damage of Kimos own often questionable lifestyle choices. His last fight was in 2006, a loss to veteran Wes Sims.

To UFC fans, Kimo became known as much for his flamboyant personality as for his toughness as a competitor. He was a devout Christian, and sported many religious tattoos including a large "Jesus" inscription across his stomach. In an era characterized by low key ring walks, Kimo caused a stir when he entered the octagon at UFC 3 bearing a life sized wooden cross.

Kimo has battled drug and alcohol addiction throughout his life, and in recent years has reportedly became addicted to meth. In one of his more recent run ins with the law, he was playing with a yo-yo in a parking lot while wearing an orange jumpsuit made for law enforcement disaster response. He was approached by police who questioned him about the outfit, and upon searching him he was found to be in possession of marijuana and subsequently arrested. - 31497

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Losing Weight for Wrestling

By Eric W. Bricker

If an individual needs to lose weight for wrestling often times their eating habits are changed a great deal. In addition to this, of course a diet program of some type is used to obtain or achieve the desired weight. This diet program also includes of course exercising. Some coaches or trainers will assist in the losing of weight.

Sometimes coaches are not there to provide the needed support, however, and the wrestler must instead seek the assistance of a personal trainer. The types of trainers and services offered are many and varied and can often charge a significant sum of money for their assistance.

Some consultations are free via the Internet and a person can also submit a personal weight loss profile on a site where he or she can express their desire to lose weight, how much weight they want to lose, as well as their reasoning to lose weight.

Weight management is important for all career athletes and especially for wrestlers who need to reach a certain weight class or stay in their current one. The ability to achieve and maintain a certain weight is vital to success in competitive wrestling and all means available must be utilized to ensure a successful career.

If a wrestler does not strictly watch his weight he can easily find himself exceeding the weight limit for the weight class in which he is most competitive and find himself being forced to compete in a new class where he is at a disadvantage.

For this reason wrestlers are often required to abide by the strictest diets of any competitive athletes. Diets low in carbohydrates and empty calories are a must. Workout routines specifically designed for fat burning are also mandatory.

Again there are also many online resources available for wrestlers which provide workout routines and diets which meet the individual's weight loss goals.

Another vital competent of any weight loss strategy for wrestlers who need faster results in time for a competition are metabolism boosting weight loss supplements with caffeine and acai berry which allow more fat to be burned much faster. It is necessary to shop around for a safe, all-natural weight loss supplement for best results. - 31497

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How to Reach Enlightenment the Fast Way

By Al Case

The four main practices used to achieve enlightenment are the way of the fakir, the way of the monk, the way of the yogi, and the way of the martial artist. In this bit of scribbling we shall go over what is special about the way of the warrior. After all, enlightenment is probably a pretty nifty thing to reach, and it would be a good idea to speed up any individuals progress on the way to enlightenment.

It is said, of the four paths to enlightenment, that the way of the warrior is the fastest. This is an interesting look at things enlightenment, for one would think that a path dedicated to things war would be the slowest. After all, learning how to maim and kill would seem antithetical to pursuing enlightenment.

First, the warrior deals with the things of the world. He does not turn his attention inward to seek enlightenment, but does his seeking in a much more overt manner, seeking out conflict and learning to deal with it. This entails, ultimately, giving up the desire for conflict, none of the other disciplines seek out conflict in this manner.

Second, the warrior is concerned with what is real in this universe. We could have a good discussion concerning what is real, but in place of that mental exercise let's just say that the universe can be described as objects in motion. The martial arts are the only one of the four practices that deal directly with a universe filled with moving objects.

Third, the warrior is much more active in adhering to his discipline of choice. I say this because the discipline of studying the martial arts is an active one. Simply, the warrior has something to do on his way to enlightenment, the other disciplines are somewhat lacking in the necessity for doing something.

Fourth, there is a built in guiding factor in the way of the martial artist. Simply, if a technique does not function, the result will be noted as a punch in the face. This 'feedback' device tends to make the artist more demanding in his seeking of perfection and enlightenment.

To conclude, let me point out that every method of enlightenment has its strengths and weaknesses. Heck, everybody knows that. So the point of this article is not to disparage other methods, merely to point out how glorious the one you are immersed in is.

You are the one, you see; you are the karateka and the kung fu student and the aikidoka and...the Tai Chi Chuan practitioner. You practice a method, and you are in a hurry, no matter how slow you think you move, to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Godspeed you. - 31497

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MMA Flashback: Strikeforce Heads To Colorado For A 'Mile High' Event

By Ross Everett

In his second fight in just over a month, Frank Trigg dominated tough veteran Falaniko Vitale wire to wire en route to a unanimous decision victory at Strikeforce: Payback. Trigg looked very sharp in easily handling Makoto Takimoto in Tokyo at Sengoku 4 on August 28th, and his victory here was every bit as impressive. Trigg essentially dictated where and when the fight occurred, and Vitale had no response whatsoever. Aside from a 2nd round takedown, Vitale mustered precious little offense and spent most of the fight trying to counter Triggs sharp striking and takedown attempts. The CompuStrike stats clearly underscored Triggs superiority in the fight, giving him a lopsided 41 to 7 edge in strikes landed.

In the co-main event, Duane Bang Ludwig earned an explosive TKO win over Sam Morgan. After an evenly contested first minute, Ludwig quickly took control with a series of Muay Thai knee strikes which set up a perfectly placed bodyshot to the liver that floored his opponent. Ludwig quickly pressed his advantage and never gave Morgan a chance to recover. Still feeling the effects of the liver shot, Morgan ate another hard punch to the solar plexus and gasping for breath was forced to tap out under the barrage of strikes. The victory gave Ludwig some redemption for an embarrassing TKO loss to Morgan in 2005 when he was simply overwhelmed within the first minute of the fight.

In perhaps the most entertaining bout on the card, highly touted Billy Evangelista survived his second big scare in as many fights to remain undefeated. After a split decision victory over Nam Phan in June, Evangelista found himself in grave danger of a TKO loss early in his bout with tough veteran Luke Caudillo. Caudillo"who goes by the nickname Lil Hulk"opened the fight with a flurry, knocking Evangelista to the canvas three times in the opening minute. Via some combination of wits and toughness, Evangelista managed to survive the barrage and began to take over the fight late in the round with his superior technical striking.

As the rest of the fight unfolded, Caudillo made the mistake of becoming a headhunter looking for a KO punch which allowed Evangelista to take over the fight. Evangelista continued to score with crisp combinations and as the bout progressed demonstrated his superior conditioning"a major factor at the high altitude of the Broomfield, Colorado fight venue. Evangelista would eventually earn a unanimous decision victory. Good display of toughness and resolve by up-and-comer Evangelista, and a nice showing by rugged vet Caudillo in the loss.

A highly anticipated womens match took place early in the evening, with former Hooters waitress Michelle The Karate Hottie Watterson easily defeating an overmatched opponent in Tyra Parker. Parker, whod lost her pro debut six weeks ago, may have been rushed back into action too quickly but she came out fighting gamely swinging for the fences with wild, powerful punch attempts. Watterson easily figured out her opponent, however, and The Karate Hottie quickly took over with her more disciplined striking approach. The dnouement came when Watterson landed several big knees from the clinch, took her opponents back and locked in a rear naked choke for the tapout win.

The event marked Strikeforces first visit to Colorado, and another in a series of very entertaining fight cards. Scott Coker and his team deserve a lot of credit for their matchmaking"even in the lower card fights they have a knack for putting together bouts that more often than not are exciting and competitive. - 31497

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The Three Distractions that Hold One Back from Achieving the True Martial Art.

By Al Case

There is one thing, and one thing only, that stops a martial artist from achieving his goal in the martial arts. That one thing is termed simple and merely...distraction. To the degree that one is not distracted, to that degree he is successful, and to that degree he achieves the True Art.

When one learns the martial arts one learns these training routines called forms. On the surface, the form is a dictionary of applications, of having a curriculum which will teach him higher and higher ranges of art. It is under the surface, however, through the refusal of distractions that one must apply himself in searching for the True Martial Art.

When one can refuse to have his attention wander in the middle of form one is cultivating his discipline. When one focuses only on the moves within the form, and does not allow himself to be sidetracked, then he is building concentration. The end result of these endeavors is to be able to keep awareness in the universe of the form, and not in the universe of trees and bushes and rocks and twigs and such.

The pieces of the form, the applications, are the middle arena of refusing to be distracted. This area, applying technique to a willing opponent, leads one from perfect thought to the execution of perfect idea even in the middle of chaos. When one holds to the physics of combat, holds to his mental focus, holds to the truths he has gleaned concerning his fellow man even in combat, then one is approaching a distraction free existence.

It is in the fact of kumite, however, that one must find his ultimate refusal of the distractions of the real universe. One must devote all his focus on the opponent, refuse the gas and tinklings of a random world, and build the truth of his own awareness. When one lives as if in a tunnel with his opponent, and can hold to the construction of that tunnel no matter the situation, then one has found and is living the True Martial Art.

These three arenas, kata, technique and kumite, are the true gladiatorial property of the True Art. To the extent that one refuses to be distracted, that one becomes pure in the focus of awareness, to this extent one enters the True Martial Art. The real key, to all this, however, lies in the achievement of one singular and important fact.

The universe runs backwards. It is not the things of the universe that hold distraction, it is the knowledge that one must not go towards a distraction free existence with effort, but, rather, but relax himself so that no distractions can find purchase in his soul. It is the emptiness of the universe, perceived by the individual free of contention, that is the Truth of the Path of the True Art. - 31497

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How Old Does My Child Need To Be To Begin Martial Arts?

By Ken Smith

This is a question that I most frequently hear by parents interested in getting their child off to an excellent start in education and in life skills development.

Martial Arts institutions will probably differ in the age range that they will probably take a student. Most like their students to be around 7 years of age. There can be a different reasons for this. Some instructors frankly feel that 7 years of age is actually best because there is much better comprehension of knowledge with the child. Several instructors though merely don't need to be irritated by smaller children who tend to be much more challenging to manage and who can not comprehend the mature curriculum.

The first thing parents need to check out about any martial arts school is does it share common beliefs and philosophies with those parents. Is the school interested in building a long term relationship with your family?

My private feeling is that students as young as three as well as four yrs are usually of a fantastic age to start martial arts training. Imagine your kid beginning at the age of 4 and continuing through high school. That is really a large edge on their friends! Why? Because to remain devoted shows good self-discipline and the student has learned to trust themselves even through tough and complicated times. The martial arts increase the feeling of security throughout transition times since the martial arts are usually designed through the belt system to achieve success in hard conditions.

For beginners, when children of such a early age begin martial arts training, they usually are introduced regularly to a world of giving and receiving respect. The martial arts training allow for the innovative guru that all kids have also let them broaden their creativity. As Albert Einstein once said: "Our own imagination is a preview of forthcoming attraction."

Martial arts for preschoolers deliver fun and structure simultaneously. The martial arts by their very nature enhance whole brain synchronization. University of California at Irvine neuroscientist, Carl Cotman, made two discoveries in his studies. Exercise delays the onset of aging in the brain. (1990's) It increases the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) that helps build brain cell circuitry.

The complexity of the exercise can seem to matter. "Martial arts are usually complicated activities that activate the human brain in a different fashion. The more challenging the task, the greater the benefit." As added advantages you can expect good improvement in your kid's hand eye coordination and capability to focus on assigned subjects.

The high quality, professional martial arts school for preschoolers will have in place a specially designed curriculum and delivery system for optimum achievement to your child.

When is the best time to invest in martial arts training for your child? When you decide you would like your kid to have every available advantage achievable.

Martial arts training are like providing your kid a secret weapon for success. Greatest mistakes a parent or gaurdian could make is thinking about martial arts training as just another activity just like soccer or baseball. These types of sports and some others such as them tend to be great and I really like athletics. Nevertheless martial arts give you and your young child an education they cannot get anywhere else. A considerably more significant issue is: "What if I don't enroll my kid in a high quality martial arts program."

A typical assumption is that all martial art classes are usually the same. Nothing could be more wrong. Each and every school with respect to the instructor will probably have a governing viewpoint and which can be reflected in the teachings. One more false impression is which martial arts usually are all about self-defense. Self-defense is one part of martial art training but in reality is only one piece of an overall total self-development program.

Therefore, how old does your child have to be to begin going through the several advantages of martial arts training? The age they really enjoy expressing their selves and you are able to place them in a nurturing atmosphere where their own innovative energies could grow.

Master Ken Smith teaches martial arts training in Royal Palm Beach Florida and can be reached at - 31497

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